The be well Health and Wellness Initiative is on of many initiatives of a non-profit group called the Stapleton Foundation, whose goal is to improve life in and around the Stapleton Community.

Learn more about the Foundation at http://www.stapletonfoundation.org/.

In the big picture, be well is a way to connect neighbors to neighbors along with trusted community health partners such as hospitals, healthcare providers, dentists, physical fitness experts and others who are located in or provide services to the 5 neighborhood be well Zone.

The goal is that every one of the 87,000 residents of this area has the tools, resources and ability to get healthy and stay healthy – emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We do this through:

be well Health Screenings and Treatment
be well Prevention, Fitness and Nutrition

be well Youth Programs
be well Businesses and Organization
be well Neighborhood Liasions

Learn more about the specific programs for adults and kids by clicking the links underneath the “Programs” menu item, above.


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