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The Foundation’s be well Health and Wellness Initiative engages kids, schools, adults, and families in free or low-cost activities, events, and programs that encourage healthy living and help strengthen our community.

Your donation in any amount helps to ensure the continued success of the be well Health and Wellness Initiative. From free cooking and fitness classes to Healthy Happy Hours and youth leadership programming, be well offers a variety of resources that impact communities across Denver.

So Get In Your Zone and join be well in promoting healthy lifestyle choices while transforming our community.

Our History

The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities has been the pioneer in the creation of the be well Health and Wellness Initiative. Its roots go back to the days when a huge international airport was being constructed to replace an aging airport close to the City of Denver.

In 1995, Stapleton International Airport closed after 66 years of serving the City of Denver and the State of Colorado. Sam Gary, a prominent Denver philanthropist, had convened a group of business leaders years earlier to help determine what the city would do with the vacated property. He was determined to break the pattern of urban sprawl with a goal of keeping families from leaving Denver. The concept that emerged was for a master-planned “front porch community” that supports seamless connections with the surrounding neighborhoods, quality schools and a sustainable environment of pedestrian walkways and city parks. It was described in detail in the contents of the Stapleton Development Plan “Green Book”, the master-planning document.

When the old airport’s last flight took off, the Stapleton Foundation published the Stapleton Master Development Plan in partnership with the Stapleton Citizen Advisory Board and the City of Denver.

The Stapleton Foundation’s mission touches on four main areas: healthy neighborhoods, education or lifelong learning, neighborhood connections and sustainability. As the Stapleton planned community took shape, it was characterized by the spirited sense of community among residents and business owners.